My name is Jan Kalina (Honza, informally) and I am a software developer at Red Hat. In this blog I would like to introduce some news from development of WildFly Elytron (see below) and experiences from development in software projects with large codebases, where not everything is good documented - such code we sometime call “code where dragons lives.” That is reason for subtitle of this blog - Guide to the code where dragons live.

That does not mean, that WildFly is full of dragons, of course. This are two independent aims of this blog. Don’t look for connection here ;)


Elytron is new security framework of WildFly - Java EE application server, which was known as JBoss Application Server earlier. This blog will be aimed to some interesting points of individual parts of the framework. If you would like to read more about purpose and design of WildFly Elytron in general, I can recommend you following links: