CLIENT-CERT authentication with Elytron

This blogspot describes how to use Elytron for two-way (client certificate) SSL authentication. This is draft which requires to have merged.

SSL key switch without server restart

The upcomming WildFly 11 (from 11.0.0.Beta1) using Elytron security framework to secure HTTPS connections supports key and certificate exchange without application server restart. This blogspot describes how to use Elytron for simple HTTPS configuration and how to make mentioned SSL certificate and key exchange.

Configuration of Kerberos with Elytron in WildFly

Tutorial describing simple Kerberos authentication configuration in WildFly using Elytron.

Debugging WildFly Arquillian test

When the worst comes in WildFly development, it is time to debug Arquillian test. In this article I want to compile instructions how to do it.

Why mechanisms twice?

Why do we need to specify configurable-sasl-server-factory (or configurable-http-server-factory) in Elytron configuration to filter mechanisms, which we want to allow to use, when we have already defined them all in sasl-authentication-factory (http-authentication-factory)? It looks weird to have to write them twice:

LDAP KeyStore

The aim of this blog post is to provide information about new feature of Elytron, the LDAP KeyStore. If you didn’t know it yet, Elytron is new security framework of WildFly application server.

Randomness Mocking With JMockit

If you had already tried to cover same bigger part of your code with JUnit tests, you have probably encountered it. With JUnit we can run tested code with predefined input and check output of it. But what if this code use, on background without control of calling code, same objects, which provide non-deterministic or changing output, like random numbers generator or real time source? How can we cover such code with tests? This can be solved using mocking.